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The ILB wish to express their appreciation to Cronin Movers Group who have been extremely generous sponsors of the score cards for the ILB.  This sponsorship is available to all clubs. They are also the main sponsor for our regional youth academy, The Leinster Lions.    

You can access their website at


Para Bowling

Congratulation to Glenn Kaufmann, Leinster B. C. and Kevin McManus, Crumlin B. C. on their selection for the Ireland vs Scotland Para Bowling Match in May.

ILB Championship Draws 2024

The first round draws for the Championships and the closing dates of each round are now on the website. This is a time consuming job. The draws to the Quarter Finals have still to be updated for the current year but it will be a week or two before we get time to do this as it is also very time consuming job.

Veterans Leagues

The Veterans fixtures are now on the website. Please ignore the background colours these will be removed in due course. The League Secretary will review all league fixtures and finalise the league schedules over the weekend

Senior Inter Association Team 2024

The Irish Lawn Bowls Team to play in the Senior Inter-Association Championship in Ward Park, Bangor.
24th – 25th May 2024. Travel details will be issued in due course

Rink 1
Daniel Loughran               (CR)
Paul Lynch                           (RU)
Derek McCarthy                (CY)
Richie Leonard                   (CR)
Rink 2
Danny Coad                        (CY)
Carl Murphy                       (BK)
Eamonn Carruth               (CR)
Robbie Maher                    (CR)
Rink 3
John O’Sullivan                  (BK)
Andy Murphy                    (CY)
Colm O’Brien                      (CY)
Gareth Pierpoint               (CY)
Rink 4
Nicky Smyth                       (CR)
Sean Keegan                       (BK)
Ian Wilson                           (CY)
Mark Brown                       (CY)
Rink 5
Drew Logan                        (CR)
Ciaran Carrick                     (BK)
Thomas Smyth                  (CR)
Shane Leonard                  (CR)
Subs to travel
Adam Kells                          (BK)
Kyle Murphy                      (BK)


League Fixtures

The Monday Night schedule has been revised to cater for 11 teams in both Division 4 & 5 and the website updated.  Still outstanding are the Veterans Division and it is hoped to put these on the website shortly.

In line 2 of each fixture list, I have the following “updated DD MMM YYYY HH.MM pm.”   Once all league fixtures are reviewed for the final time, I will amend this comment to finalised and there will be no further changes after that.

Fixtures are not definitive until the word Finalised is included at the top of each fixture list.

Guide to this website


If you are having problems finding your way around this website hopefully the guide below will help you find what you are looking for.

Website Guide

Map of Bowling Clubs within the ILB

Click on the “view larger map” button at the top right of picture for more details.  Note the details are what the individual club has put on Google and may not always be a 100% correct.