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ILB Current Rounds

Notice to all players


If you are on medication that is on the banned list of substances and have qualified for the National Championships or you are on the International Panel, then you must apply for a TUE as soon as the ILB Championships are completed. please allow 21 days for the application to be processed.


Submitting the Results


  1. In order to assist me with the speedy processing of results please take care when completing the online results form and ensure you complete all fields correctly.  The form can be accessed via the link on the home page of the website or by clicking on this link

Submit Match Result


  1. When you have submitted the form the details you have submitted will be reported back to you. Please check again that all the information is correct and resubmit the form if there are any errors.


  1. There is no longer any need to submit the card but make sure to retain the signed card until after the next round, in case of any disputes


  1. If a substitute has played list them in the position they played on the rink as well as confirming their name in the substitute section


  1. In the case of a walkover answer Yes to the Walkover Conceded question and state the Club and Skip of the team conceding the walkover in the next box.


  1. Rule 30 of the ILB Competition Rules states

Score cards giving results of all matches together with the names of all the participants must be kept by the winners until after the following round in case of a dispute. Results should be submitted and posted online immediately after the match but not later than 24 hours following the match. The web form should contain competition name, match number, all players’ names and substitutes if used. It is the duty of the winners to send in the results.

If the result is not submitted within 24 hours of the match being played then the match will have been deemed not to have taken place and both sides will be eliminated from the competition.



Sheila Kelly

ILB Competition Secretary



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