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Welcome to the official site of the Bowling League of Ireland and the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland.

Irish Lawn Bowls is the combination of the Bowling League of Ireland (BLI) and the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland (LBLI), the governing body for Lawn Bowls in the Republic of Ireland. The game is fast growing with clubs now in the following counties: Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Limerick, Meath, Offaly, Sligo, Waterford, and Wicklow. There are however many other counties where clubs are in the process of being formed.

Lawn bowls is a sport for all ages with competitors aged from under 10 to almost 100 currently playing in BLI/LBLI affiliated clubs. 

If you are new to the sport of bowls and want to find out how to play the game have a look at the following link which will help you find out how to play.

Link to How to Bowl


Map of Bowling Clubs within the BLI / LBLI 

Click on the “view larger map” button at the top right of picture for more details.  Note the details are what the individual club has put on Google and may not always be a 100% correct.  

A full list of BLI Member clubs together with their website details can be found at

BLI Clubs 

For club addresses and Secretary Details see

Club Secretaries

Welcome to the BLI / LBLI Blog

Here will be posted various notice that we want to bring to your attention

Henselite Dreamliner XG bowls.

Bowler seeking to try out a set of Henselite Dreamliner XG bowls.  These bowls are not
typically available in Dublin and I would very much like to try a set before purchasing. 
I am contactable at 086-8178315 and happy to travel to any club within 25 miles of Dublin.

World Bowls – Ladies team

Congratulations to Sarah Kelly of Crumlin bowling Club who has been selected to represent Ireland at the World Bowls tournament in 2020.  The text of the full announcement by Neil Booth, the High Performance Coach is listed below.

The following players have been selected for World Bowls at the Gold Coast in Australia in May/June 2020

Singles        Catherine Beattie

Pairs            Ashleigh Rainey, Sarah Kelly

Triples         Megan Devlin, Catherine Beattie, Shauna O’Neill

I would like to pass on my congratulations to those selected and wish them every success at the Event. I would also like to commend all those players who have represented the Elite Squad this year for their professional approach. It is intended that the next Elite Squad will be selected after the completion of the World Bowls Tournament in June 2020 and will be for a 2 year period leading up to the Commonwealth Games in Leamington Spa in 2022.

If anybody in the Elite Squad would like to meet with the HPC and Team Manager to review the Calendar Year please e-mail the HPC no sooner than Monday 2nd December and I will accommodate a meeting.

Please do not get in touch before this date.

Neil Booth
High Performance Coach

Sports Funding Opportunities

See the above new document that has been placed in the Devco Funding Page.

All the 2019 deadlines are expired however the document still provides member clubs with relevant information
on where funding opportunities exist. The Development Committee  will undertake an exercise in early Q1 2020 to
update the document.

If you come across other sources of funding please Ian Wilson email know and we will update the document accordingly.

BLI Prize Presentation 2019

Photos of the above have now been added to the website and can be viewed at

BLI / BLI Handbook / BLI Photos

Also updated is the rolls of honour of League, Cup, and Championship winners.

LBLI Prize Presentation 2019

Photos of the above have now been added to the website and can be viewed at

LBLI / LBLI General / LBLI Photos

Apologies for the delay in posting them but there were a few technical hitches that now have been resolved.