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Laws of the Game of Bowls

The Laws of the Sport of Bowls are subject to copyright as detailed in the content.  You can view the laws by clicking on the attached photograh.  If you require a paper version of the laws copies of the  booklet can be obtained from the Secretary of the Irish Bowling Association (IBA).  See 

IBA Honorary Secretary

for contact details.


Public Health Announcement

The following email has been received from Sport Ireland

From: Shane Califf  
Date: Mon 24 Jan 2022, 14:59
Subject: Public Health Announcement – January 21st 2022
To: NGB <>, Participation Unit <>

Dear Sport Ireland Stakeholder

On Friday January 21st 2022 the Government made an announcement in relation to Public Health Measures. 


The full announcement can be accessed here: – Government announces that most of the public health measures currently in place can be removed (

 As set out in the announcement a large number of the public health measures currently in place can be removed. Key items in relation to sport & physical activity are as follows:


1.       Formal requirements for physical distancing (2m) removed

2.       8pm closing time for sporting events removed

3.       Capacity restrictions for outdoor sporting events removed

4.       Capacity restrictions for indoor sporting events removed

5.       Seated only spectators at indoor sporting events removed

6.       Use of pods for indoor sporting activities removed

7.       Use of a COVID pass to access indoor events removed


The Government have reiterated the need for ongoing close monitoring of the virus. Sporting bodies should continue to risk assess individual activities and events. This includes the continued implementation of good hygiene practices along with recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities.


Ø  Mask Wearing: The requirements for mask wearing in settings where currently regulated for will continue until February 28th 2021.

Ø  Close Contacts: This continues to follow the current advice for those with symptoms, cases and close contacts as announced by the government on 12 January 2022

Ø  International Travel: Organisations partaking in international sporting activity should continue to monitor the travel requirements both in Ireland and the destination country. Sports should also note that the use of the Digital Certificate will continue for international travel for the immediate future.


Further information can be found here: – International travel (


Organisations are free to submit any additional queries in relation to their individual sports and activities to the relevant NGB, High Performance and Participation Units.


Sport Ireland would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and recognise the continued commitment of the Sector in implementing and supporting the various public health measures.


Kind Regards



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Brendan O’Malley RIP

It is with regret that I report on the death of Brendan O’Malley.  Brendan was President of the BLI in 1991 and the following year took over the role of Honorary Treasurer.  He served as Treasurer of the BLI until 2006 when he retired in order to take up the roll of IBA President.  I personally new Brendan whom I worked with many years ago.  When I first stepped on a bowling green it was Brendan who showed me how to hold the bowl and explained to me what the bias is all about.  He will be missed.  The BLI offer their sympathies to his wife Helen and his sons Stephen and Killian and extended family.

The Funeral Mass for Brendan will take place at 11oc in the Church of St Jude the Apostle, Templeogue on Friday (November 19) which may be viewed through the parish web camera at: followed by committal in Newlands Crematorium.

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Guide to this website


If you are having problems finding your way around this website hopefully the guide below will help you find what you are looking for.

Website Guide


Welcome to the official site of the Bowling League of Ireland and the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland.

Irish Lawn Bowls is the combination of the Bowling League of Ireland (BLI) and the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland (LBLI), the governing body for Lawn Bowls in the Republic of Ireland. The game is fast growing with clubs now in the following counties: Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Limerick, Meath, Offaly, Sligo, Waterford, and Wicklow. There are however many other counties where clubs are in the process of being formed.

Lawn bowls is a sport for all ages with competitors aged from under 10 to almost 100 currently playing in BLI/LBLI affiliated clubs. 

If you are new to the sport of bowls and want to find out how to play the game have a look at the following link which will help you find out how to play.

Link to How to Bowl


Map of Bowling Clubs within the BLI / LBLI 

Click on the “view larger map” button at the top right of picture for more details.  Note the details are what the individual club has put on Google and may not always be a 100% correct.  

A full list of BLI Member clubs together with their website details can be found at

BLI Clubs 

For club addresses and Secretary Details see

Club Secretaries

Welcome to the BLI / LBLI Blog

Here will be posted various notice that we want to bring to your attention