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The Irish Lawn Bowls Association (the ILBA) was formed in March 2023 following a merger of the Bowling League of Ireland (the BLI) and the Ladies Bowling League of Ireland (the LBLI) and is recognised by Sport Ireland as the National Governing Body for the sport of lawn bowling in the Republic of Ireland.

Bowling is an all-island sport and  the ILBA is one of four associations affiliated to the overall governing bodies the  Irish Bowling Association (the IBA) and the Irish Women’s Bowling Association (the IWBA).

There are twenty seven bowling clubs affiliated to the ILBA serving almost two thousand members. They are mostly located in the greater Dublin area including Wicklow, Meath and Kildare along with clubs in Cork, Sligo and Dungarvan. Eleven of these clubs play on traditional grass surfaces while the remainder have artificial or synthetic surfaces with one club having both. Many clubs are attached to other sporting facilities like tennis or rugby clubs or leisure complexes.

Members, both male and female, have represented Ireland at international events  and we anticipate being involved in the  World Bowls Championship in Australia in the Autumn. Four  bowlers are representing Ireland in the World Deaf Championships in Edinburgh in September 2023.

The ILB wish to express their appreciation to Cronin Movers Group who have been extremely generous sponsors of the score cards for the ILB.  This sponsorship is available to all clubs. They are also the main sponsor for our regional youth academy, The Leinster Lions.    

You can access their website at

Laws of the Game of Bowls

The Laws of the Sport of Bowls are subject to copyright as detailed in the content.  You can view the laws by clicking on the attached photograh.  If you require a paper version of the laws copies of the  booklet can be obtained from the Secretary of the Irish Bowling Association (IBA).  See 

IBA Honorary Secretary

for contact details.

ILB Blog

John Brennan RIP

 I am sorry to let you know of the death of John Brennan

John was a member of Kenilworth B. C. since the 1930s, President of Kenilworth twice, President of the BLI an International player in 1953/54
He was an International Selector for 6 years
During the war he served in the Queens Royal Regiment (West Surrey) and was in Burma where he was mentioned in despatches twice

A number of the older members of the IBA Council, and the BLI will remember him well
He would have been a 100 on the 31st July
Brian Morton
Assistant ILBA Honorary Treasurer

Men’s Senior Inter Association

The following team to represent the ILB this year in Belmont BC on the 26th & 27th of May. 
Rink 1
J. O Sullivan (B/Rock)
S. Flynn.        (B/Rock)
M. Brown.      (CYM)
G. Pierpoint.  (CYM)
Rink 2
C. Kelly.          (CYM)
D Mc Carthy. (CYM )
N. Smyth.       ( Crumlin) 
I. Gillen           (CYM)
Rink 3 
C O Brien.     ( CYM)
P. Lynch.       (Railway union) 
R. Maher.      (Crumlin)
R. Leonard.  (Crumlin). Captain 
Rink 4
D. Coad.       (CYM)
A. Murphy.   (CYM)
I. Wilson.      (CYM)
S. Leonard.  (Crumlin)
Rink 5
T. Smyth      (Leinster)
D. Logan.     (Crumlin)
E. Carruth.   (Crumlin)
S. Millane.    (Crumlin
O. Bangoli.  (Kenilworth)
A. Geary.     (B/Rock)
Shay Tyrell. International Selector

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Welcome to the official site of Irish Lawn Bowls (ILB).

Irish Lawn Bowls is the governing body for Lawn Bowls in the Republic of Ireland. The game is fast growing with clubs now in the following counties: Cork, Dublin, Kildare, Limerick, Meath, Offaly, Sligo, Waterford, and Wicklow. There are however many other counties where clubs are in the process of being formed.

Lawn bowls is a sport for all ages with competitors aged from under 10 to almost 100 currently playing in ILB affiliated clubs.

If you are new to the sport of bowls and want to find out how to play the game have a look at the following link which will help you find out how to play.

Link to How to Bowl


Map of Bowling Clubs within the ILB

Click on the “view larger map” button at the top right of picture for more details.  Note the details are what the individual club has put on Google and may not always be a 100% correct.