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The following press release has been received from Irish Sport

  • New resource will help sports clubs eliminate single use plastics and provide guidance on segregating waste.
  • It comes as new research reveals 90% of sports clubs believe they could be doing more to improve their waste management efforts.
  • Sports clubs can now avail of this free toolkit by visiting  
There’s good news for thousands of sports clubs nationwide today as Ireland’s official guide to managing your waste, MyWaste, is today launching a free sustainability toolkit to help sports clubs improve their waste management practices and embrace the principles of a circular economy.
The MyWaste Sports Club Toolkit, supported by the Federation of Irish Sport, marks a significant step towards fostering environmental sustainability within the Irish sports community.
This launch comes as new research conducted by MyWaste in conjunction with the Federation of Irish Sport found that over 90% of clubs surveyed, believe they could be doing more to improve their waste management efforts.
Other key findings from the survey include:
  • Environmental Consciousness: 84.79% of clubs believe their members are environmentally conscious and would like to recycle more waste generated at the club.
  • High Engagement with Waste Collection: 74% of sports clubs currently avail of a waste collection service.
  • Prevalence of Plastic Waste: When asked what are the biggest items that typically end up in your club’s general waste bins, 53% said plastic bottles, while 24% said disposable coffee cups.
  • Interest in Guidance: 79% of clubs are interested in free guidance on waste management and recycling.
Ossian Smyth, Minister of State with responsibility for Public Procurement, eGovernment and Circular Economy, praised the new resource, stating; “I am delighted to launch the MyWaste Sports Club Toolkit today.
 By providing clubs with the necessary tools and guidance, we are not only fostering a culture of environmental responsibility but also leading the way in the circular economy.
I encourage all sports organisations to take advantage of this excellent resource and make a positive impact on our environment and our wider communities.”
He added: “This initiative is a collaboration between the Government of Ireland, MyWaste and the Federation of Irish Sport. It demonstrates our commitment to working together to raise public awareness of the importance of recycling sustainably.” 
The toolkit highlights practical steps to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics. The toolkit includes:
  • Guidance on Waste Segregation: Clear instructions on proper waste segregation to ensure recycling and waste management are as effective as possible.
  • Elimination of Single-Use Plastics: Practical steps to reduce and eliminate single-use plastics, and disposable coffee cups.
  • Gear Swapping Initiatives: Strategies to promote the reuse of sports gear, reducing the need for new purchases and minimising waste.
  • Mapping Your Club’s Journey: Tools and templates to help clubs track their progress and set achievable sustainability goals.
  • Engaging Communications Assets: Downloadable materials, including social media graphics and educational content, to raise awareness among club members and the wider community.
Sinéad Ni Mhainnin, Regional Waste Management Planning Office, said, “The MyWaste Sports Club Toolkit represents a significant advancement in our efforts to promote sustainable waste management across Ireland. By equipping sports clubs with the right knowledge and resources, we can collectively make substantial strides toward a greener future.”
She added, “The toolkit bridges the gap by offering practical steps and tailored guidance that address the unique challenges faced by sports clubs. This initiative underscores the power and importance of collaboration and community engagement in achieving our environmental goals.”
The first phase of MyWaste Sports Club Toolkit will focus on raising awareness about the toolkit and encouraging its adoption by sports clubs nationwide. Later this year, an Online Masterclass will also be facilitated by MyWaste for all sports club representatives to learn more about the toolkit resources available and gain insights into best practice.
Clare Louise O’Donoghue, Head of Commercial & Marketing at the Federation of Irish Sport, said; “The Federation is very proud to support this MyWaste initiative. Through collaboration and information sharing, we hope to positively impact our sports clubs and organisations’ journey towards reducing their carbon footprint.”
For more information and to download the free MyWaste Sports Club Toolkit click here.

Notes to Editor:
Additional Quotes
Niall Rynne, Chair of the Management Committee at the Irish Rugby Football Union said; “The IRFU is delighted to support this exciting initiative and looks forward to working with MyWaste in engaging and encouraging grassroots support of this initiative. This is a wonderful opportunity for the rugby community to participate in a sustainability initiative with a lasting legacy.”
Walter Holleran, Head of Grant Funding and Infrastructure Development at the Football Association of Ireland said; “As part of the MyWaste initiative, we at the FAI are excited to create opportunities for our members to engage in positive waste management actions. This not only supports the FAI Sustainability Strategy and Programme but also contributes to Ireland’s transition to a Circular Economy. By launching this initiative, we aim to garner wider support from the entire football family, fostering a collective effort towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.”
Padraig Fallon, Chair of GAA Green Clubs Programme said; “The GAA Green Clubs programme is delighted to support the launch of this initiative, as we see this as an opportunity to further support on a wider scale the aims and objectives of the waste management component of the GAA’s Green Clubs Programme which was launched in December 2022”.
About the Research Study
The research study referenced in this press release was conducted through an online survey, generating a total of 219 respondents from sports clubs and organisations across Ireland during May and June this year. The survey, organised by MyWaste and the Federation of Irish Sport, aimed to assess current waste management practices and identify opportunities for improvement within the Irish sports community.
For further details regarding the survey methodology and findings, please contact Jillian Garvey, Wilson Hartnell, / 083 8919 583.
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