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ILB Catering Arrangements

Traditionally clubs provided a meal for both themselves and their opponents after afternoon matches.  However over the last few year this practice started to fall by the wayside leading to confusion for visiting clubs as to whether or not they would be served a meal after their match.

In an effort to clarify the situation it was decided to create this webpage which details what catering each club offers by team.

Meals are not served after Veterans and Evening Matches but some clubs do provide light refreshments.  Veterans and Evening Matches are not included in this page.



These tables are only as accurate as the information supplied by the club secretary to me the webmaster.  The status of meals for each club is as last received by me.  If a club has changed their catering arrangements the Club Secretary should email me at  I will advise the Secretary when I have made the update and it is then the responsibility of the secretary to check I have updated it correcly.