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Current League Results 

The Captain whose team has won the most points in the match is responsible for submitting the results of the match within 30 minutes of the completion of the match.  If the match is drawn it is the responsibility of the Home Captain to submit the results.

If a walkover is given the Captain conceding the walkover should submit the form making it clear who is receiving the walkover.

In the event that a match is postponed or abandoned the home Captain should submit the form.  This to be done as soon as possible after the decision to postpone or abandon the match is made.

 The number of fields to be completed will vary between a match that is played, a match that is postponed, and a walkover.  This is automatically controlled by the software on completion of certain fields.

If reporting a half point score and there is no decimal point on the device you are using please use the 0 (Zero) key in place of the decimal point,

The following legend is used in the results table

I/C Means one or both teams involved in IBA Cup match

I/P Ineligible Player used

L/S Late Start

N/R Means no result submitted

P Means match postponed

RSP Rain Stopped Play