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The following applies for the Winter League

      1. Wednesday home matches in Herbert Park, Kenilworth and Sportslink will stat at 13.00 hours.  This is due to the parking restrictions in Kenilworth and Herbert Park and the fact that Sportslink complex (not the club) will not allow matches on their green before 13.00.  All other matches start at 11.00.
      2. The onus is on all clubs that all bowlers playing are registered as playing members of the ILB.
      3. Registered players may play up but not down.
      4. Non Registered players may play up or down and there is no limit on the number of times which they may play up or down.
      5. The Saturday league and the Wednesday league are two separate leagues and there is no relationship between them.
      6. A player can be registered for one division on Saturday and another on Wednesday.
      7. Burnt end are replayed there is no re spotting.
      8. Scores are recorded and master cards sent in on the Web as per the Summer Legue.
      9. Both leagues will play 14 ends plus two trial ends