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This is the Official website for the Bowling League of Ireland (BLI)



The 2020 Senior Inter Association will be hosted by the BLI on Friday the 8th May and Saturday the 9th of May in CYM and Crumlin Bowling Clubs.  CYM will be the home green for the BLI team.

The following is the 24 man panel for the 2020 Senior Inter Association which will be played in Dublin on the 8th  and 9th of May next.


1   C.  O Brien Cym
2   M. O Sullivan DL
3   M. Cusack DL
4   G. Pierpoint Cym
5   S. Millane Crumlin
6   J. Byrne Crumlin
7    S. Keegan Crumlin
8   A. Murphy Cym
9   I.  Gillen Cym
10 C. Gillen Cym
11   M. Tyrrell DL
12 A . O’Keeffe Cym
13 K. McCarthy Cym
14 B. Somers DL
15 M. Brown DL
16 R. Leonard Crumlin
17 A. Grey DL
18 T. Smyth Leinster
19 N. Smyth Crumlin
20 M. Gorman Cym
21 E. Carruth Crumlin (captain)
22 R. Maher Crumlin
23 I. Wilson Cym
24 S. Leonard Cym