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Ladies Championships


The draws for what were the LBLI championships are now on the website and may be accessed via the following link ;-

Current Rounds Championship Draws

As we are now all in the ILB all Championship Rounds are accessed from the one page unlike in the past when a separate page held the men’s and ladies championships.  This will also apply to the leagues.

Submitting Championships Results

From this year on the championship results will be submitted to the Championship Secretary by completing a form on the website.  The form is similar to what BLI team captains did last year and throughout the AWBA league.  Details are contained on the above page.

Draws to Quarter Finals

I hope to get these up on the website by the weekend but I am very busy preparing the website for the forthcoming season and may not find time to do so.  They will be updated as soon as I can, so please be patient.