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Hi all,

Below please find the schedule for the finals of the 2022 BLI Championships.
There is a meal for all finalists in the main hall in CYM at the conclusion of the finals on Saturday i.e. 17.30 approx. Trophies will be presented at this meal. Dress code is informal.
At the conclusion of the semi finals this evening we will include the names of those involved in the finals.
Friday 29 July
17.45: Boyd (5)
17.45: Baird (4)
17.45: O’Leary (2)
19.00: Railway Union (1)
19.00: Bank of Ireland (3)
Saturday 30 July (morning)
10.00: Sixsmith (3)
10.00: BLI (4)
11.00: Nassau (1)
Saturday 30 July (afternoon)
14.00: Millane (2)
14.00: Tyler (5)
14.00: Mecredy (3)
15.00: Marper (1)
May I take this opportunity to thank all of the club Hon Secretaries for your cooperation in the smooth running of our Championships this year. There are many excellent looking final matchups already and I’m certain that tomorrow and Saturday will produce a number of great battles.