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The new method for submitting the Provisional League Results is now well into it’s first week and in general is working well.  However, there are 3 issues.


This problem only came to light today with the start of the veteran’s season.  Some matches resulted in half points being scored.  This is no problem if sending the result via tablet or laptop as you have a “Full Stop” available to use as a decimal point so two and a half points can be expressed as 2.5.  However, on some phones when filling out the number of points the keyboard presented by the phone company does not contain a “Full Stop” so you cannot show a decimal point.

The solution in this case is if you want to show a half point type 05

One and a half points becomes 105 etc.

A 0 on its own it means no points or a 0 followed by a 5 as in 05 it is half a point.


On Saturday one match was postponed but no one told the webmaster.  If a match is postponed please advice the webmaster at

As soon as possible after the postponement is agreed.


I am doing my best to get the results posted and the tables updated as soon as possible after completion of play.  For this reason, rule 16 states results must be submitted withing 30 minutes of completion of matches.  Most captains comply but there are a small number who do not.  For example,  

  • The final result on Saturday came in at 23.01,
  • On Monday the final result arrived at 23.07.
  • Today Thursday at 16.37 there are still 9 of the 20 Vets results not received.


It is unfair to expect someone to spend all Saturday evening, late on Monday evening and all Thursday afternoon checking for results to come in.  If this tardiness continues results in future will not be updated until the following day.  Please get your results in promptly.

I am now logging out for the day as I have spent almost 3 hours working on the website already today and the Veterans matches must be well over at this stage.  I will log in at a convenient time for me tomorrow and complete inputting the Veterans results if they have arrived.