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Hi all

See below the Semi Final draws for the BLI Championships.

The Westmanstown bowling green is available for practice all day Sunday August 22nd from 10.30am.

I mentioned in a previous notice that changing rooms will be available. Unfortunately because there are so many players for different clubs attending the changing rooms will not be open.

Players are reminded to check in at 5.30pm each evening.

Best of Luck to all

Stephen Millane

    Monday August 23rd  
Marper Andy O’Keeffe CYM v Mick Keegan Blackrock
U/25’s Colum O’Brien CYM v Donal Martin Crumlin
Tyler Derek Kennedy     Sean Hynes  
  Derek Quinn St. James Gate v Caroline Blake Westmanstown
Millane Jenifer Heade     Bernadette Brennan  
  Nicky Smyth Crumlin v Derek McCarthy CYM
BLI CUP Colin Shepherd     Dec Doyle  
  Phillip O’Sullivan     Ruth Shiel  
  Noel Maguire Shankill v Pam Cooper DLGC
O’Leary Richard Kelly     Pierce Frayne  
  Tommy Doyle     Liam Farrell  
  David Hillerby     Ken Whelan  
  John Leonard Crumlin v David Doyle Ierne
    Tuesday August 24th  
U/18’s Jack Nolan Blackrock v Mark Wilson CYM
Nassau Derek Quinn St. James Gate v Bil Delaney Westmanstown
Boyd Derek Brown     Nicky Smyth  
  Mark Brown Dun Laoghaire v Shane Leonard Crumlin
BLI CUP Jimmy Dillon     Barry Martin   
  John Moran     Brendan Clarke  
  Frank Gibney Westmanstown v Maurice McCabe Crumlin
O’Leary Mick Kelly     Donnie Garvey  
  Phelim Hamill     Mick Gorman  
  Richard Darcy     Frank McCarthy  
  Bernie Vaughan CYM v Derek McCarthy CYM
Sixsmith D.Collins     M.Strain  
  R.Burke     P.Keeley  
  M.Ryan     S.Flynn  
  M.Keegan Blackrock v I.Gillen Blackrock
    Wednesday August 25th  
Marper John Leonard Crumlin v Ian D’Arcy Crumlin
U/25’s Evan Morton Kenilworth v Josh Whitney CYM
Tyler Philip O’Sullivan     J.Bowen  
  Noel Maguire Shankill v P.Whelan Blackrock
Millane Caroline Millane     Phil Kirnan  
  Stephen Millane Crumlin v Shane Leonard Crumlin
Baird John Hoey     Michael Cussack  
  Craig Murphy     Derek Brown  
  Richard Darcy CYM v Mark Brown Dun Laoghaire
Mecredy Liam Noble     Pat Linnane  
  Connie Noble     Thea Linnane  
  Danny Cummins     Doreen Wiltshire  
  Helen Cummins Sportslink v Lily Moore North Kildare
    Thursday August 26th  
U/18’s Evan Morton Kenilworth v Donal Martin Crumlin
Nassau Brendan Donnallon Crumlin v John Moran  Westmanstown
Boyd  Paul Lynch     Eamonn Carruth  
  Ciaran Carrick Railway Union v Richie Leonard Crumlin
Baird Conor Turner     John Leonard  
  Nicky Smyth     Drew Logan  
  Stephen Millane Crumlin v Shane Leonard Crumlin
Mecredy C.Lynch     Colin Shepherd  
  G.Doherty     Phillip O’Sullivan  
  R.Watson     Noel Maguire  
  E.Cawley Blackrock v Gerry Fahy Shankill
Sixsmith Pierce Frayne     Christy Kelly  
  Liam Farrell     Peter Harte  
  Ken Whelan     Eamonn Brennan  
  David Doyle Ierne v Noel Cassidy Westmanstown