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The entire bowling community was shocked at the recent untimely and tragic death of Cathal Gillen.

Cathal is  the current Irish under 25 champion, and a junior international who no doubt would have been a future senior international.

Ian, and the Gillen family and friends, have asked me to publicise a fundraiser for Jigsaw, Ireland’s national centre for youth mental health, being organised by Cathal’s friends in the month of November. 

Twenty five of them plan to run 100km each during the month of November and some are even  shaving their heads or taking up other challenges.

 They aim to spread the word that “It’s ok to not be Ok”.

 The relevant GoFundMe campaign is called *Mo Runnin Less Problems

I would appreciate if clubs or individuals could contribute to this worthy cause in memory of an outstanding bowler and a fine young man.


Hon. Sec.