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Update Re Squads for 2020 and 2021 Season


Given the rather unique situation in 2020 with Covid 19 we have been unable to name a conventional Emerging Squad and Elite Squad for the 2 year build up to the Commonwealth Games.

 It is our intention to select an Elite Squad following World Bowls in May/ June 2021.This will stay in place until the completion of the Commonwealth Games in 2022. Those players currently in the Elite Squad will remain in place this year.

 A new Emerging Squad will be selected at the start of 2021.

 In the meantime for the remainder of the 2020 bowling season it is our intention to have Squad Sessions with both the World Bowls Squads and the 2020 Emerging Squad which is listed below. It is hoped sessions will take place at several locations to cut down travelling for players. Other names may be added to the Emerging Squad as the year progresses. It is hoped to use some players from the current Elite Squads also in these sessions.


Emerging Squad 2020

Mitchell Albert           Sam Barkley               Laura Cassells

Ryan Cavan                Cameron Gaw             Cathal Gillen

Matthew Hastings       Robert Kirkwood        Stephen Kirkwood

Ryan McElroy            Sophie McIntyre         Allana McKee

Dean Mills                  Zoe Minish                 Jack Moffett

Colm O’Brien           Mia Patterson             Jordan Rankin

Adam Rankin              Lara Reaney                Adam Stratton

Chloe Wilson

Could all players in the Emerging Squad please confirm acceptance by text to High Performance Coach, Neil Booth on 07834958136.


Neil Booth