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Cup Winners

This page holds a list of all BLI Cup Winners since their inception by year.  It is updated each year in September after the end of the Summer season.  Note :  The cups did not all commence in the one year.   

YearOpen CupCrumlin CupO'Dee CupShott Cup
2017St. James's GateDun LaoghaireCYMGreenhills
2016St. James's GateRailway UnionGreystonesSportslink
2015St. James's GateBrayBrayDun Laoghaire
2014St. James's GateIerneKenilworthWestmanstown
2013CYMWestmanstown St. Michael'sAer Lingus
2012St. James's GateCrumlinBraySportslink
2011BlackrockC.Y.M.St. Michael'sKenilworth
2010St. James's GateC.Y.M.CYMC.Y.M.
2009St. James's GateICICYMA St MichaelsSt. James's Gate
2008St. James's GateICICYMA MeathWestmanstown
2007LeinsterClontarf Dun LaoghaireSt. James's Gate
2006CYMICICYMA GreystonesSt Michael's
2005LeinsterCrumlin lerneSt Michael's
2004CYMCYM KenilworthSt Michael's
2003CYMCrumlin Bank of IrelandCYM
2002St. James's GateCrumlin GreystonesCYM
2001CrumlinCYM ICICYMASt. James's Gate
1999LeinsterDun Laoghaire Bank of IrelandCYM
1998BlackrockCrumlin B Westmanstown CYM
1996CrumlinCrumlin Crumlin ICICYMA
1995CrumlinCYM Kenilworth Bank of Ireland
1994ClontarfCrumlin Herbert Park Crumlin
1993CYMClontarf Crumlin C IGB
1992CYMCrumlin B Bray B Crumlin
1991BlackrockSt Brendan's Crumlin Blackrock
1990St. James's GateDun Laoghaire Kenilworth B CYM D
1989BlackrockCrumlin Crumlin Bank of Ireland
1988Blackrock CYM C Crumlin
1987Bray St. James's Gate B St. James's Gate C
1986CYM CYM C St. James's Gate C
1985CYM Crumlin Crumlin
1984Herbert Park Crumlin Crumlin
1983Crumlin A Crumlin CYM D
1982Herbert Park Blackrock Bray
1981St. James's Gate CYM St. James's Gate
1980Herbert Park Crumlin Cork
1979Blackrock Crumlin Dun Laoghaire
1978Blackrock CYM Crumlin
1977CYM Blackrock Crumlin
1976Herbert Park Leinster Crumlin
1975Blackrock Crumlin Crumlin
1974Leinster CYM Blackrock
1973Leinster St. James's Gate Blackrock
1972Leinster Crumlin Clontarf
1971Leinster Crumlin Clontarf
1970CYM CYM Crumlin
1969CYM Kenilworth Blackrock
1968Knockrabo St. James's Gate Blackrock
1967Blackrock Crumlin CYM
1966Leinster  Knockrabo
1965Herbert Park  Knockrabo
1964Leinster  Kenilworth
1963Clontarf  CYM
1962Clontarf  Kenilworth
1961Leinster  CYM
1960Leinster  Clontarf
1959Leinster  Leinster
1958Kenilworth  Leinster
1957Leinster  Leinster
1956Leinster  CYMS
1955Leinster  Herbert Park
1954Leinster  Herbert Park
1953Leinster  Herbert Park
1952Leinster  Herbert Park
1951Kenilworth  Kenilworth
1950Clontarf  Blackrock
1949St. James's Gate  Leinster
1948Kenilworth  Grangegorman
1947Clontarf  Clontarf
1946Clontarf  Clontarf
1945Clontarf  Railway Union
1944Clontarf  Blackrock
1943Kenilworth  Kenilworth
1940St. James's Gate   
1938St. James's Gate   
1937St. James's Gate   
1936St. James's Gate