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BLI Championships Week





Notice to all Players and Officals re the 2022 BLI Championships at CYM Bowling Club

1) Arrive a minimum of 20 minutes before the starting time (which for all matches bar the U25 semi-finals will be 17.45).
2) Arrive with stickers already removed from bowls.
3) Wear club tops (or white shirts) and whites to play, with the proviso that competitors making up a rink (be it pairs, trips, or fours, must all wear matching shirts, be they club tops or plain white.
4) Regulation bowling shoes only to be worn on the green.
5) Semi-finalists (plus officials and umpires) are cordially invited to tea/coffee/sandwiches in the Bar from 16.30 up to their starting time.
6) While parking facilities are very limited within the Club’s grounds there is more than adequate parking available in the public car park on the left 100 metres from the Club when coming from Terenure Cross.
7) All finalists are invited to dinner in CYM at the conclusion of play on Saturday 30 July, when trophies will be presented.
Practice will be open to competitors on CYM’s green as follows:
1) Monday 18 July 15.00-17.30
2) Wednesday 20 July 18.30-21.00
3) Thursday 21 July 18.30-21.00
I wish all competitors and spectators a great week of bowls.
Ollie O’Brien
BLI Hon Competitions Secretary