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This is the Official website for the All Weather Bowling League (AWBL)

Special Procedures for matches involving underage players.


Safety & Security of the Underage Players is important and AWBA needs confirmation that the proper permission for the Underage Players to travel and be at Clubs Grounds will be obtained from Parents prior to the start of the leagues.  This is the responsibility of the team for which underage players are playing.  An underage player is defined as anyone under 18 years of age.

Each club has their safeguarding statement in place with the details of their children’s officer listed so visitors / parents can access the club children’s officer  information/ contact details.   All clubs confirmed to the League Secretary at the start of the year that they have this in place.

Underage players are not required to pay the €5 Green Fee.  However, any adults playing on the same team are.

In order to help with the development of the underage players coaching is allowed during the match subject to rule 44 of World Bowls as follows:-


  • The Coach – Either the coach of a player, team or side or, in their absence, the coach’s delegated deputy, can give advice to a player during the course of play as long as:
  • The opposing Captain is given the names of the coach or the coach’s delegated deputy as appropriate before the game starts.
  • Only one person is present at each end of the rink to give advice at any one time; (This is so someone is not running from one end of a rink to another to offer coaching)
  • The person giving the advice does so when their team or side is in possession of the rink; and
  • The person giving the advice does so from outside the boundaries of the green – unless with the permission of the Home Club’s Team Captain (or opposing Team Captain if Leinster Lions are playing at home) they may do so alongside the underage Player.  (ie showing how to bowl or giving them confidence / encouragement to play).  On team B some players are less than 6 months playing.
  • If, in the opposing Captain opinion, this law has been broken, the opposing Captain must ask the coach or delegated deputy concerned to stay within the law. If they do not stay within the law, the opposing Captain must ask the Controlling Body to take immediate action to make sure that the offender stops breaking the law.