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The new website which I have been building over the close season is now complete bar a few small amendments requested by the BLI executive as well as a few from the LBLI.  These will be completed this week and the new website will be launched next week.  Setting the new website live involves.

1. On Monday the 25th of February I will delete all the pages on the website we have been using since 2005.

2. On the same day I will transfer the new website from its existing location to the same location as the current website. This means that although the website will be unavailable for some time when the new website is installed it will have the same website name as the existing website.

3. As I will be doing the above process for the first time it my take a day or two to enact the transfer, so you may be without a website for a day or two.

4. When the new website is up and running, I will have to verify all the links contained therein which will take a little bit of time. I intend to complete this by Friday the 1st of March at which time the new site will be fully operational.

5. Some pages in both the BLI and LBLI Championships section will be missing as for technical reasons it is not realistic to complete these until the website is live. Dont worry these will all be in place in time for the forthcoming season.

6. As regards the content, all of the existing webpages have been transferred to the new website, however.

a. The location of the page within the website may have changed.
b. The name of the page will definitely have changed so if you enter by going directly to the page you want, you will have to go in through the home page www.irishlawnbowls.ie instead and navigate your way to the new page,
c. The format of the page will have changed,

7. The format of the website will differ depending on the medium you are using to view it. It is a feature of the software used to develop the website that it is formatted differently for

a. Smart Phone
b. Tablet
c. Lap Top / PC.

The main benefits of the new forat are

The BLI / LBLI will have a modern and more attractive website.
It will be easier to maintain, particularly adding new pages / sections or removing obsolete pages.
It will be more user friendly on your smart phone or tablet than the old site.

Mike Brophy   19th February 2019


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