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This is the Official website for the Bowling League of Ireland (BLI)

Notes on League Tables

Team captains are reminded that Rule 16 states

Official scorecards in respect of all league and Cup matches shall be signed by the captains of each side playing on the day and it shall be the responsibility of the winning captain to post the card in time to reach the League Secretary within four working days from the date on which the match was played. The Honorary League Secretary has the authority to impose a €25 fine on clubs where a master card is not returned within the set time or not filled out correctly.
In the event of a drawn game the home side shall have the responsibility for posting the card. 
It is the responsibility for both captains to text the result of all league and cup matches to the webmaster, within 30 minutes of the match finishing.

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The league results and tables are now updated online using Online Excel.  This means that  the results will be on the website more or less immediately they are received.  The table however will not be updated until all or most of the results for that day are received.  So the quicker you get them in, the quicker the tables are updated.   BOTH captains of the  teams to submit the results via the home page of this website within 30 minutes of the completion of the match.

In order to view an Excel spreadsheet version of this table for printing click TABLES