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This is the Official website for the Bowling League of Ireland (BLI)


The Council meets at least once in each calendar month unless the officers decide there is not sufficient business to necessitate such a meeting. At least 7 days’ notice of each Council meeting is given by the Honorary Secretary and an attendance of 15 members shall form a quorum. The agenda for the meeting and the minutes of the previous meeting will be included in the notice and shall be sent to all clubs.

The members of council are the 10 officers who form the BLI Executive as well as one delegate from each member club.  If the Anti-Doping Officer,  Staff Umpire, Staff Coach, Webmaster, or Sub-committee Convenor is not a member of Council as either an Officer or Club delegate, he may sit on council but without voting rights. 



All Council Meetings Postponed until further notice due to Coronavirus. 12th March 2020


DateTypeWhereWhat is required
Wednesday 22nd January Monthly Council MeetingClontarf at 7.45pmFinal date for requests to hold club tournaments in the current year.
Wednesday 19th FebruaryMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pm
Wednesday 8th AprilSpecial General MeetingKenilworth To pass the accounts and any other matters that require an SGM. at 7.30 pm
Wednesday 8th AprilMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth Immediately after SGM
Wednesday 13th MayMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pmGreen Inspection Report Due
Wednesday 17th JuneMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pmAll cups and trophies must be returned.
Wednesday 15th JulyMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pm 
Wednesday 19th AugustMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pm 
Wednesday 16th SeptemberMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pmAll cups and trophies presented at the championships must be returned.
Wednesday 21st OctoberMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pmConsider motions for the AGM
Thursday 19th NovemberAnnual General MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pm 
Wednesday 2nd DecemberMonthly Council MeetingKenilworth at 7.45pmAppoint Sub Committees
   Agree green to host BLI Championships in 2 years time.
   Each even year appoint selectors
   Every third year appoint Intl Selector